Hiperdist and SISA Announce Strategic Partnership to Bolster Cybersecurity Defences in the Middle East

Hiperdist, a prominent technology distributor in the Middle East region, has announced its strategic partnership with SISA, a leading global company specializing in forensics-driven cybersecurity solutions.

This partnership comes at a time when organizations across the Middle East are increasingly shifting towards a digital-first, cloud-based strategy. The rising pace of digitization has opened doors to frequent and more complex cyber-attacks. A telling statistic can be found in the increasing volume of cyberattacks in the region. Globally, there are about 1,160 attacks per week against an enterprise organisation, as against 1,200 attacks per week in the Middle East region. As the region continues to embrace digitization, the need for comprehensive cybersecurity solutions becomes paramount to safeguard critical assets, maintain regulatory compliance, and protect customer trust.

To address the evolving cyber threat landscape in the region, Hiperdist is building a new cybersecurity division and promoting a wide range of market-leading security solutions. The collaboration with SISA marks a significant milestone in fortifying cybersecurity defences and expanding the company’s footprint in the Middle East market.

Hiperdist will now distribute SISA’s cybersecurity solutions that include Data Discovery & Classification and Managed Detection & Response (MDR) solutions, to all countries in the Gulf.

SISA has gained a reputation for its cutting-edge forensics-driven cybersecurity solutions. Recently, HFS, a leading analyst firm has named SISA’s MDR solution as a hot vendor in the emerging cybersecurity segment of “Tech-enabled Digital Forensics Support and Managed Services”. This prestigious recognition is validation of SISA’s commitment to helping organizations adopt a proactive approach to address the risks of cyberattacks and achieve cyber resilience.

By partnering with Hiperdist, SISA aims to leverage their expertise and extensive network to cater to the growing demands of organizations in the Middle East. Hiperdist, known for its deep understanding of the regional market and strong relationships with technology partners, is well-positioned to support SISA’s expansion efforts.

“We are excited to join forces with Hiperdist to deliver comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to businesses in the Middle East”, said Dharshan Shanthamurthy Founder & CEO, at SISA. “We see the GCC and Africa as high growth markets, with the region’s propensity to embrace digital innovation. The partnership enables us to provide advanced forensics-driven cybersecurity solutions to a wider audience, helping organizations protect their critical assets from evolving cyber threats. It aligns perfectly with our mission to create a digitally secure society. We believe that Hiperdist – with its high level of technical expertise, deep market knowledge acquired over 40 long years, strong channel base and wide portfolio of vendor partners with complementary solutions will help us penetrate and expand in this market. We are eager to grow this partnership and build on the initial success that we have had in this region”.

Hiperdist and SISA will work closely to build an ecosystem of specialized partners that have the technical proficiency to provide high quality consultancy and implementation services on behalf of the vendor. According to the two companies, partner training and enablement sessions will be a top priority. 

Speaking about the partnership, Adil Ali, General Manager – Gulf, Hiperdist said, “We are delighted to partner with SISA, that has earned a reputation over 16+ years as a leading cybersecurity solutions provider to help organizations build robust security measures to proactively defend against cyber threats. The Middle East is a hub of economic growth and digital transformation. These advancements, however, bring with them a multitude of cybersecurity challenges that cannot be ignored. Through our collaboration with SISA and their suite of preventive and detective security solutions, we can address and serve the region’s unique requirements”.

This partnership represents a strong synergy between two industry leaders and underscores their shared commitment to tackle the intricate cybersecurity landscape of the region. Mohan Durairaj, BU Head of the Hiperdist Cybersecurity Division added that: “SISA’s cybersecurity solutions address the region’s varied demands from meeting regulatory compliance to advanced threat detection and rapid incident response. All these areas round-up our portfolio nicely. Together with our channel partners, we are excited at the prospect of bringing SISA’s offerings to the market and are confident of driving growth, this year and beyond.”

About SISA:

SISA is a global forensics-driven cybersecurity solutions company for the payment industry, trusted by leading organizations for securing their businesses with robust preventive, detective, and corrective cybersecurity solutions. Our problem-first, human-centric approach helps businesses strengthen their cybersecurity posture. We apply the power of forensic intelligence and advanced technology to offer true security to 2,000+ customers in 40+ countries.

For more information, visit www.sisainfosec.com

About Hiperdist :

Hiperdist is one of the leading IT distributors serving the Middle East and Africa region since 1980. With over four decades of experience, we have emerged as one of the largest distributors of IT products and solutions, representing over 40 of the world’s leading IT vendors. Our wide range of offerings serves more than 5,000 IT resellers, local computer manufacturers, system integrators, and enterprises across 30 countries in the region.

We provide comprehensive service support for our 
vendors, encompassing reseller recruitment and training, pre-sales and post-sales support training, multiple routes to market, marketing and channel enablement, as well as supply chain and logistics support. The value-added services offered to resellers include, but are not limited to, credit and financing, expansive supply chain solutions, training and enablement, solutions for business-to-business customers, and unlocking commercial opportunities.

Our brand portfolio includes leading global technology vendors such as Asus, Canon ,Epson, FSP, Lenovo, LiteOn, Optronics, Patriot, SISA, Supermicro, Synology, TwinMOS, Vertiv, and Zotac.