5 Reasons to Move Your Clients to Microsoft Office 365

Why Microsoft Office 365 –

Many organizations keep using outdated technologies despite knowing about the latest model and technologies that could make the functioning better. Why is there a resistance to change? Is it because migrating data all over to new software is tiresome?

If your client is planning to stick to the old legacy systems, he/she will be left far behind in the race. Instead, you can recommend them to opt for technology that can make your organization more productive such as Microsoft Office 365.

Microsoft O365 is an enterprise IT software, which is changing the way businesses operate. As per media reports, among 80 per cent of Fortune 500 companies are using Office 0365, and are pretty impressed with its features and benefits. Not just large enterprises, but small and medium organizations have begun to use Office 0365 to achieve higher productivity.

Reselling Office 365 can be a good way for value-added resellers and managed services providers (MSPs) to start to build a cloud practice. Microsoft Office is one of the SaaS-based software which is easy to set up and manage from virtually anywhere. Here are the five key reasons why you should move your clients to Office 365:-

Make Your Business Agile

As the business ecosystem is changing rapidly, tapping new clients and consumers in different locations and regions have become a new norm to drive business growth. Many businesses operate from more than one location, which increases capital costs, IT costs, etc.

With Microsoft Office 365, the organizations can achieve agility as it easily allows you to adjust the number of licenses you need for core productivity, communication and collaboration. Recommending Office 365 to the client will help them achieve better results.

Enhanced Internal Communication

Often teams in the corporates are divided to operate from different locations to work on the same project, or assignment, which unfortunately creates barriers in communication. This is where Microsoft Office 365 comes in picture. Instead of hampering business productivity, you should ask your client to move to Office 365, which provides several ways to collaborate and communicate internally easily. Tools like Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Yammer, Office Groups, Skype for Business, Office Video, can be used to improve communication flows. It also helps in cultivating a culture of collaboration in which employees can seamlessly exchange documents, ideas and suggestions with each other.

Boosts Productivity

Office 365 is flexible enough to get set up anywhere, even on an android device or on a smartphone. It enables employees to gain access to similar Office applications and tools on a range of mobile devices and smartphones, which makes it easier for them to operate from anywhere. Anyone can perform tasks during coffee catch-ups with a friend or colleague, or while commuting to work, or if you are on a conference call with a client with Office 365. This makes an employee not confined to the office building to work. Office 365 will give your client a better future workforce with better productivity.

Streamlines IT operations

Managing an on-premise IT infrastructure is a challenging job, which can be made easier for IT team by switching organization to Office 365. As the traditional IT infrastructure require multiple layers of technical requirements to attain one objective, it can make everything go haywire.

It’s certainly better to have an option that could streamline IT operations and make it more seamless. With Office 365, the objective of being faster, accurate and flexible can be easily achieved.

Reduces Infrastructural Costs

Among other SaaS-based cloud technologies, Office 365 is the best bet. It comes at a fixed rate, which is a lucrative investment for organizations to do away the monthly software costs in IT department. One of the advantages of using Microsoft Office 365 is that it automatically upgrades the new versions and introduces new functionalities. You can analyze the cost savings in IT department once your client migrates to Office 365.

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