How to Select the Right Gaming Laptop in 6 Steps

While the craze for gaming has gripped the world, nothing can beat the experience of a gaming laptop.  Bigger screen, large-sized RAM, faster and swifter, and whatnot. With its high-quality features and upgraded technology, gaming laptops are some of the most sought after options for a great user experience.

Brands like Lenovo, HP etc. have some wonderful offerings in this category. In fact, the market is so competitive that the brands are overriding each other with best gaming laptops in MEA.

This can confuse the buyer. Here, we list a few pointers for you to keep in mind before investing money in a gaming laptop.

The Right Hardware (CPU + GPU)

A right combination of Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) will help the laptop run faster with quick processing.

High-intensity games like Assassins’ Creed or Watchdogs utilize a lot of power; hence, you need a strong processor that can handle them with consummate ease.

If you are looking for a seamless gaming experience without any lag, you must go for Intel core i7 quad processor, but if your budget doesn’t allow that, then dual-core i5 processor is equally good.

Some of the gaming laptops like Lenovo’s Legion series all have the Intel core processor.

We recommend choosing a laptop with a powerful GPU for running the most demanding games. The GTX 760M or Geforce GTX 850M happens to be the least requirement for those gaming laptops.

You can also go for the laptop with a GPU of 800 or GeForce GTX 700 series as they are recommended for the games of today.

Appropriate RAM & vRAM

For proper functioning of GPU, it is essential to have Video RAM (vRAM) of their own. This is beneficial in storing different frames, textures and other required properties for getting frames for the monitor.

Finding out how much RAM you require may be tricky. Hence, it is better to go for a laptop with as much vRAM as possible. You can buy a laptop with 3-4 vRAM.

If you have a limited budget then you can opt for 2 GB vRAM, but 6GB vRAM is ideal. However, you need to ensure that the resolution of the gaming laptop is 1080P.


Even though many people go for gaming laptops with 1080P resolution, 3K resolution laptops are also gaining high traction nowadays.  If you are a person who wants a very clear image while playing the games, the laptops with 3K resolution are the most suitable option for you.

For driving the 3K laptops, you require GTX 870/880M. 3K happens to be 3 times the resolution of 1080P. Hence, the graphics processors require working 3 times harder which means you require an expensive gaming device. That way 1080P is thus a better and affordable option. However, if you are seeking clear and sharp imagery, you should pick the laptops with 3K resolution.


Storage is equally an important part of a gaming laptop. The storage capacity should be ample with at least 1 TB minimum capacity, with both SSD and HDD.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Always recheck if you are comfortable with the keys of the laptop. The touchpad should be smooth and easy. Today, a new range of gaming laptops have customized backlit keys. The keyboard should offer a decent “key travel”. The depth of key travel should be close to 2mm for a great gaming experience.

Audio Output

The audio output should be checked to have the best experience as sounds plays an imminent role in boosting the gaming experience.

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