Three Quick Ways to Sell Cloud Services as a VAR

As per a recent IDC reportthe worldwide spending on public cloud services and infrastructure is expected to reach $370 billion in 2022, with a CAGR of 22.5%.

Given the exceptionally growing size of this market, no value-added reseller in UAE can ignore the incredible scope of cloud anymore. Gone are the days when companies used to rely on on-premise solutions like use old data and a staff of analysts.

In this age, businesses operate with a time-sensitive approach, where reduced time to market, optimized operations, and product innovation are key strategic imperatives.

Cloud offerings provide a host of benefits such as reduced infrastructure costs, pay-as-you-go services, enhanced flexibility, greater agility, and significantly reduced IT costs and time.

However, while there are several benefits of the cloud, what a value-added reseller really needs to know is how to sell the cloud to his customer.

In this post, we will quickly take you through key points that you need to keep in mind while selling to your end customer.

1. Understand your customer:

The first and foremost step is to understand your customer and their needs. As IT value-added resellers, you need to recognize the key pain points and challenges in business processes, which could be easily eliminated or optimized with cloud services. A reseller can create customized solutions for their customer, depending on their requirements and unique business scenarios. However, to execute solutions, it is must know the client objectives, processes and workflows to contribute to the cloud conversation.

2. Develop a Thorough Understanding of Cloud and its Offerings:

The changing face of the channel means VARs will have to develop new skill-sets to stay relevant. Hence, it is important for resellers in the UAE to educate themselves about the cloud – terminologies, offerings, benefits, etc. One of the major sources to gather information and learn more about it is through training and workshops organized by cloud vendors. Many vendors provide training to give a holistic understanding of the technology and its usage. Additionally, value-added distributors also have their own trained teams that can support this knowledge transition for the reseller via workshops, seminars, demo sessions, etc.

3. Create a USP for Your Services and Solutions:

Once your team is ready with a deep understanding of the cloud and is ready to engage with the customers in a consultative role, it is essential to define your unique value proposition in the market.

How do you, as a reseller differentiate yourself in the market to your customers? A strong understanding of cloud concepts and practical knowledge along with market expertise can help inform your proposition.

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