The Ultimate Reseller’s Guide to UCC Solutions

The modern workplace is evolving every day. To keep pace with this advancement, thousands of new tools are being adapted to extract maximum value from the day-to-day operations of the business.

One striking trend is that employees and other company stakeholders are increasingly choosing their own devices and applications, for personalized official communication and collaboration. To consolidate these technologies and have them work seamlessly together, businesses need to deploy faster and unified communication and collaboration (UCC) solutions.

Resellers in Dubai need to be educated about the fact that UCC solutions not only improve collaboration but also the sharing of resources and information with customers, vendors, suppliers, and employees. And this, ultimately, would lead to more opportunities, better productivity, advanced decision-making, and further innovation and creativity.

Considering these clear-cut benefits, it’s no surprise that the Global UCC market is predicted to surpass USD 57 billion by 2024. And for value-added resellers (VARs) to successfully pitch UCC solutions to customers, they need to be acutely aware of the client’s business requirements and the key pain points that it can address.

Based on our on-ground understanding of UCCs and the local market, here is what resellers in Dubai can pitch to their potential customers –

Improved customer experience

According to Forrester, over 75% of businesses aim to deliver a high-level experience to its employees and other stakeholders, similar to what they would get from using consumer apps. Regardless of industry or part of the business, this sort of seamless experience, in turn, drives business goals and revenues. One such specific UCC feature is call routing that allows the right query to reach the right customer service agent in real-time. This ensures faster responses and higher customer satisfaction at call centres. Resellers in Dubai need to zero-in on other such UCC features that would help their client deliver a better customer experience and stay competitive.


Unified communication integrates different communication technologies, such as VoIP, SMS, chatbots and video collaboration, into one system. This means that businesses do not need to invest in several disparate solutions. UCCs can streamline business operations, cut down on project timescales and increase overall productivity- all of which leads to cost savings. Offering flexible collaboration options to employees further aids in the optimizing on workforce expenses.

Workforce flexibility

According to a study, 96% of employees claimed to have new ideas strike them, while on vacation or working at home. As the concept of remote workforce grows in popularity, it is important to enabling employees to work flexibly; across different time zones and locations. Unified communication allows remote teams to work together, with 24/7 access to the resources and information, across devices.


UCC tools, such as screen sharing and video conferencing, can help employees communicate and collaborate better with their colleagues, clients as well as suppliers. And 97% of employees believe that a heightened level of collaboration has a direct impact on the responsiveness and outcome of a task. It is said that the right unified communication tool can help businesses become 52% more productive and 45% more efficient.

You could join a value-added reseller program that bundles UCC offerings that best suit the needs of clients in your market.

If you, as a value-added reseller, have more questions on why a UCC solution is perfect for your client, our team of experts would be happy to guide you. Talk to us today, for a free consultation.

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