5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an IT Distributor

Most IT vendors attribute over 80% of their revenues to efforts put in by their IT solutions distributor.

By bridging the gap between resellers and vendors, these business allies are able to deliver fast and efficient business results. Be it selling in a new market or vertical, or reaching out to a diverse customer set – partnering with a distributor that understands your unique business and consumer needs can offer an irreplaceable advantage.

Therefore, it would be pertinent to slot distributors as an essential cog in the ‘IT channel wheel’.

Listed below are just a few ways in which Value-added distributors in Dubai can support your business in its journey to greatness–

Market knowledge and reach –

For growing IT companies, it usually takes a lot of effort to penetrate new target markets or sectors. Especially in the absence of the necessary market intelligence and strong trading relationships with local customers, distribution of their technology products can prove to be tricky and resource-intensive.

Distributors offer the perfect solution by helping vendors truly ‘know their customers’ and delivering market or vertical-specific direction to resellers. Teaming up with the right IT solutions distributor would mean greater ease of access to an existing set of primed relationships with resellers within the region.

Such tie-ups also deliver market knowledge and data-driven insights that vendors can harness to fuel an efficient go-to-market product strategy.

Speed to Market –

No matter which market you seek to enter, there will be thousands of IT customers – ranging from dealers to resellers – to choose from. And for vendors to individually select the right partner to service can take months, if not years.

This is where distributors can step in. Their extensive customer base gives vendors an advantage in terms of time-to-market. Hence, they can deliver the right partners quickly and efficiently. At the same time, they can help vendors modify their offerings to match the respective channel, leading to better uptake of the tech solution.

Tech Support Services –

Value-added IT distributors in Dubai, such as Hiperdist UAE, offer small business IT support to ensure that the adoption of the tech solutions is seamless. This includes pre and post-sales support modules, featuring configuration of the products, certifications, training, and demos of new technologies, tailored to suit customers/resellers.

Logistics Services –

A distributor’s strength lies in its ability to provide reliable and efficient logistics networks to move the vendor’s products, speedily and cost efficiently. It allows vendors to outsource the hassles of operating physical warehouses or engineering elaborate logistics (and reverse logistics) framework to support distribution. And through the partnership, IT solutions can easily reach end-consumers, independent of geography.

Sales and Marketing Expertise –

Going above and beyond their usual scope of work, value-added distributors even support vendors in demand generation. They help run targeted programs, including tactics such as product launches, seminars and exhibitions, which target their network. These distributors also provide vendors with dedicated sales resources to tap into an existing set of partners or accelerate new partner recruitment. Ultimately, distributors help vendors sell more products.

Today, the role of IT distributors has evolved from being just a logistics support arm to an indispensable business partner. Especially for vendors looking to target the diverse small and medium business(SMB), which is expanding its IT spending at about 6.4% a year, IT distributors can make a real difference in the customer purchase patterns; according to Channel Daily News.

While collaborating with an IT distributor in Dubai definitely has its benefits, remember to take the time out to select a partner that is a right fit for your business.

When evaluating distributors for a potential tie-up, make sure that they have a track record of delivering accelerated market access and sales growth.

Moreover, the ideal distribution partner must also demonstrate the capability to develop your brand image within the target consumer’s minds –in order to drive long-term value for your business.

As one of the fastest-growing value-added distributors in MEA, we offer a wide range of solutions, supplementing them with a portfolio of end to end services. Talk to us today to see how we can help your business.

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